Sunday, February 9, 2020

Delegation Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Delegation Paper - Essay Example However, there has been a significant transformation in management style and approach of MGM Transport's managers. After attending a management seminar, most of the managers adapted a new way of dealing with their team members or subordinates most especially in the manner the delegated tasks to their subordinates. Delegation in MGM Transport is now all about asking questions and hearing out what the employees have to say regarding specific concerns. Managers in the company now place more value on what the employees have to say. So before they dish out orders left and right, the managers consult their people, ask them questions, and make them give their suggestions as to how the issue will be solved. As early as the planning stages, the managers now involve their team members. The plan of action which used to be the responsibility of the manager has now become collaboration between the manager and the employees. A specific instance that will demonstrate how such delegation process occurs in MGM is when the issue of the need to expand the company's less-than-a-truckload (LTL) services. John Adams, a member of the sales team, was tasked to study the need to expand the company's LTL services and which regions or areas must be considered. Before coming up with any decision or plan of action, John called for a meeting with his team. He told them of the situation and asked them what they have to say about it. Adams asked them for suggestion as to how to proceed with the task. When everyone had said their piece, John and his team worked out a plan that will resolve the issue at hand. By involving his team in the planning process, John was able to eliminate possible misunderstandings that commonly occur when the team members do not have sufficient knowledge or background on the task that needs to be done. It was only after the consultation process did John divide the tasks among the team members. E ach member was assigned to do things that fit into his area of expertise the best. No one person was given too much or too little duties. Delegation in MGM used to be a big concern and a weakness of the managers. However, this has greatly changed. Today, delegation has been utilized by MGM managers as an effective tool that will increase the productivity of the company. II. Delegation in Other Areas and Activities The case of MGM Transport demonstrates a situation wherein delegation was effectively used in the planning stage. Delegation, however, is applicable not just to the planning phase. Delegation can be used in several other phases and stages in an organization. There are various ways by which delegation can be valuable to an organization and the various processes embedded in its operations. As seen in the example of MGM, delegating in planning requires the involvement of key employees whose skills and capabilities are necessary for the resolution of a particular issue. When in the planning process, it is vital for the manager to be aware of the various perspectives and points of view of an issue. Moreover, any manager in any organization would want that he would have as much suggestions and ideas from as many angles and sides when he makes decisions on certain issues. It is in this case wherein delegation can ease the planning process. Not only will delegation reduce the pressure on the

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